"In searching for our doula I wanted to choose someone with a calm, peaceful demeanor, kind spirit, compassion, knowledge, and persistence to get the outcome desired...we got all of these qualities in Katie! It was important she be calm and collected in the midst of uncertainty and chaos, can't describe how helpful this was for our experience.She kept me active during the labor even when I didn't want to be or wasn't putting in the effort I should've been. She pushed me to keep myself hydrated during the labor when I wasn't doing it myself because she knew I would need my energy later on! She helped advocate for me in the hospital when it was something she knew that was important to me.

Her balance of calm and strength is something I admired about her and seriously needed! We had a long labor and her determination to labor with us as long as we did really touched us, giving it 100% the whole time even though we were all super tired by the end! She stayed with us after the delivery to make sure we were settled in and feeling good, always thinking about our feelings. In the end, we got the birth we wished for and I don't think we could've done it without Katie!"                

“Thinking about labor can be a very overwhelming experience especially if you are preparing for your first child.  Both my husband and I are highly anxious people, so we knew having a doula as part of our birthing team was a non-negotiable.  Picking Katie was one of the best decisions we ever made. From our first call, Katie put us both at ease. She shared her philosophy and experiences, asked us questions, and we got off the phone feeling “good vibes” and very confident that we wanted to choose Katie.  

Meeting her in person only solidified our thoughts as she spent so much time carefully learning about us as a couple, and ensuring she understood how we envisioned we wanted her to support us through this process. I cannot speak more highly of Katie, she put us at ease, is non-judgemental, and extremely supportive.  She is passionate about her work, loves what she does, and was willing to spend 30 hours straight with us, coaching us through labor and delivery, and then checked-in to ensure we were acclimating to our new life well. We could not have done this without her, it’s nice having someone who has experience help you work through each contraction, be there to remind you that you can get through the pain, and provide you with so much comfort.  Katie may have started as our doula, but we now consider her not only a friend, but family."

"I gave birth to my precious daughter in January 2019. I always tell Katie that I couldn't have done it without her, especially since I was a newly single, mom-to-be. Humble Katie always replies, "of course you could have!" I obviously would've given birth eventually but what I couldn't have done without Katie was have the birthing experience that I wanted. Leading up to the birth, Katie helped me envision what my ideal birthing experience would be and answered any questions I had about my changing body, especially as I got closer to my due date. I wanted a natural birth despite everyone telling me to get an epidural, and Katie made sure that I had the information and support I needed to bring my baby into the world the way I wanted to. The scariest aspect of a natural birth for me was not knowing if the (painful) experience I was having was normal; "Is it suppose to hurt this much? Am I going to be okay?" I held on to Katie like my security blanket as she stood by my side throughout my entire labor. Since I labored mostly standing up, I leaned on her physically but it was the ability to lean on her emotionally that really helped me through the intense experience. There was a moment during my transition phase that I thought to myself, "I should've gotten an epidural." Stubborn as I am, I didn't want to voice those feelings but somehow Katie picked up on it. Right at that moment when my strength was waning, she applied essential oil that she brought on my wrists and let my favorite scent wash over my senses. Katie didn't just try to make me feel better; instead, she gave me the tools as well as the confidence I needed to let my body take over and do what it had prepared nine months to do. I reached out to nine wonderful doulas and I chose Katie. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Her warmth, thoughtfulness, genuine care for my well being, and (single parent) strength won me over. Now, I'm lucky and grateful to call her my friend."

“We welcomed our baby boy into the world in late August after two harrowing days of labor that ended in an unscheduled caesarean birth - Katie was patiently at our side every step of the way.  As first time parents, we were as well prepared as we could be, but only as far as our imaginations could take us. My long labor had many unanticipated shifts, and Katie’s unwavering support and patience, undivided attention to our needs, and steadfast advocacy for our birth preferences helped us have a fulfilling and memorable birth experience.  She has also been a reliable resource during pregnancy and postpartum! We are grateful for her, and she holds a special place in our lives as an irreplaceable presence during one of the most memorable moments of our lives!”

"The minute we met Katie we knew she was the perfect doula to help with the birth of our son. From day one she was very reassuring and made us feel like everything was going to be okay. Having her support throughout my pregnancy felt really comforting and she was very informative. When I went into labor she helped me breath through the intense contractions and relax in between them. When the contractions became more frequent and more intense I was still able to remain relaxed and Katie soothed me by holding my hand and rubbing my back the entire time. With Katie by my side I was thankfully able to be at home for the majority of my labor. When we arrived at the hospital she helped me stick to my birth plan and advocated for me.  Thanks to Katie I had the most beautiful natural birth. My husband and I definitely plan on having Katie as our doula for the birth of our next baby in the future and highly recommend her."

"Katie was our back-up doula, but I had met her previously and knew that she would be great. Katie provided a constant calm and grounded presence, which is essential for the ups and downs of labor, as well as the frenetic energy of a hospital.Katie was helpful and encouraging when we needed it and unobtrusive when my husband and I were in a good rhythm. I relied on my husband physically to support me through the contractions, while Katie provided gentle reminders to return to my breathe.  With Katie’s gentle guidance, my husband and I were able to find a great rhythm while laboring in the non-ideal conditions of the hospital.

When it came time to decide once and for all whether to proceed without an epidural, it was Katie’s vote of confidence that gave me the courage to continue on. Her guidance and encouragement allowed my husband and I to experience the birth of our son without pain intervention. Being able to feel the birth of my son, from start to finish, is a feeling and experience that I will always cherish. I am eternally grateful to Katie for supporting our birth experience.”

"From the start my husband and I could see that Katie is a very caring and confident doula who has a lot of information to offer us.  In the months before giving birth, I was communicating with her and she offered me many resources to help me through the various changes I was experiencing.  She was always prompt to reply if I emailed or texted her questions and I always felt her warmth and emotional support. I had a prolonged labor period and Katie spent time at my house helping me through contractions with kind words and manual pressure to ease my discomfort.  I was so glad to have her support through this stage. At the hospital she offered us advice about the options she thought we could take in directing the birth of our baby girl. I appreciated her weighing in without being at all pushy. Feeling her presence as an advocate for myself and my baby in the hospital was very valuable, since at times I felt pressured by the doctors and/or that I was not given a full run down of all the alternatives available to me.  Katie has so much warmth, stamina, intuition and knowledge of the birthing process. After coming through the difficult and magical birth of our baby with her help, I feel that she is a friend and someone I want to keep in touch with. In the future I will definitely recommend her my friends."

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