Birth Doula Services 

Meet and Greet  

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs and to learn more about the services I can provide. 

 Unlimited email, phone and text support after agreement and contract is signed.

Two Prenatal Visits 

We will discuss in depth your pregnancy journey and current emotional/physical state in a safe comfortable setting. We'll work on your Birth Preferences, Comfort and Relaxing techniques to prepare for labor. I'll answer any additional questions or concerns, provide resources for you as needed and more. 

Labor and Postpartum 

Starting at 37 weeks I will be on call 24/7 until your labor begins. I will join you either at your home or at the hospital depending on personal preferences. During this time I will provide endless amounts of support for the laboring person, partner and family as needed. Using non-medical tools and comfort techniques to help assist with the laboring person. I'm your doula and will support you in all birth choices. 

After birth I can help with skin to skin, breast(chest) feeding and ensure immediate postpartum preferences are heard. One postpartum visit is included, I will check in with parent(s) and newborn(s). Help with anything that needs assistance for newborn care and healing during the postpartum period.

For current rates and more information: 

Offering on a sliding scale and payment plans available. 

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